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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where are You Beautiful

I subscribe on YouTube to the communitychannel. That's where I watch videos posted by a young woman named Natalie from Australia. What I like about her films is the way she takes everyday things and expands them to show us how funny we all are.

This particular video is about another group of people who deserve to have someone look out for them. I happen to belong to this group. "Ugly" people.

She did this to be funny, but I kind of think she was also making a point. She has two comments which I find so revealing about our societies:

"There's something really surprising about someone ugly being able to do anything."

"You sound like an attractive person."

Isn't that often how we tend to look at people? "Attractive" people get listened to. They get promotions. They get all kinds of things "ugly" people don't get. And yet, are they attractive?

Some are. Incredibly, there are many people who have the physical attributes to qualify them as "attractive" and are still attractive people. By that I mean nice. Loving. Caring. Too often, though, they tend to be a bit arrogant.

I recently told someone that one of the sexiest women I ever met was over one hundred pounds overweight. But she was such a dear. She would go out of her way to help even people she didn't like. She was sensitive, caring, and totally loving. And yet people made fun of her because of her weight. More than once I had to close our office door while she cried because some insensitive clod had made fun of her appearance. Personally, I found her to be quite sexy.

The other day while driving to an appointment with my heart doctor I was listening to the radio. The DJs were interviewing a woman who specialized in relationship training for lesbians. After the interview concluded the male DJs began making fun of the women who availed themselves of the new law in Iowa which allows them to marry women. They made several snide remarks about how "ugly" the women were. I very much doubt the women found each other "ugly" at all.

And do you know something else? I'm finding that I look less at the "shell" people are wearing when I first meet them now. So many people are so beautiful inside a shell which dares us to look for them. My shell is not exactly something people fall over to look at, so I suppose it's only natural that I take this attitude. But I think we need to start seeing people as God sees them, and not as humans do. The eyes of our body don't see nearly so well as the Spirit of God. Let's let Him guide our vision. Okay?

Where are you beautiful? Outside but not inside? Inside by not outside? Both? Neither? If you're not pretty on the inside, go talk to God. He can - and will - change that for you.


Silver said...

That is true, Bev!

But that's how the world will judge us- what they see on the outside and not what we have on the inside.

and oh yeah- i adore this gal totally!

Bevie said...

So you watch her, too? She is so funny.