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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Ultimate Sorrow

We just finished speaking with a neighbor from across the street. His son, who was living with his first wife, committed suicide some time Monday evening or Tuesday morning. I felt sick. Which is nothing compared to what he (and his ex-wife) are feeling. I can imagine no worse feeling than losing a child to death - by any means.

It is as I remind myself so often: I don't have to look far to find people who would love to trade problems with me.

How do I ease such pain? I held him when he told me, and I held him again when we parted. But that comfort is like being given a few coins to pay off your house. The tears of this are going to stain his life henceforth. Hopefully, he will find strength in the love he shares with his surviving children.

It turns out this was not the boy's first attempt. He has been in and out of hospitals to be treated for his depression, and other issues. The help just didn't take. I do not know how things are after death. What I do know is God loves children. We are all children to him, but those we call children seem to keep a special place in God's heart. I pray that this little boy has found peace there at last. Peace that he never could find while here.

Oh, that we could help each other find peace.

Mark (chapter ten) New King James Version

[13] Then they brought little children to Him, that He might touch them; but the disciples rebuked those who brought them.

[14] But when Jesus saw it, He was greatly displeased and said to them, "Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God.

[15] Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not received the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it."

[16] And he took them up in His arms, laid His hands on them, and blessed them.


Silver said...

I lost my older sister to Suicide too. It's a horrible way to lose a family member that way.

It was very shocking and devastating to the whole family and even community.

Bevie said...

Suicide gets to us because it means a person was distressed enough to go against the ultimate instinct: self-preservation. It is so sad when someone can't take it anymore.