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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Being Humane

Faith in Forgiveness got an award. It's the Humane Award, for downright sweetness, and you can find it at the top of the right sidebar.

Got it from Silver, who is currently the only official Follower of this blog, and perhaps the only one left who even reads it.

Don't know the rules surrounding this particular award, but I'm not bold enough to pass it on.

Recently saw a M*A*S*H episode in which Charles was assigned the task of collecting for a specific charity which was a pet project of some general. After trying unsuccessfully to get others to do it for him, he ultimately gave up and just wrote a check to contribute for everyone. I told Son that is what my solution would have been. Only I wouldn't have bothered trying to solicit donations in the first place.

I suppose it's a mindset. Those of us who have super egos tend to go one way or the other. Either we crave and demand adoration, or we shrink from it, knowing the potential hazards of being given too much. Kind of like Gandalf the Grey in Lord of the Rings. Frodo offered to give him the one ring of power, but Gandalf refused. Some temptations are too much to endure. Pride is less of a challenge for some than others. I am not so fortunate. It is a risky thing for me.

What's odd is that those of us who suffer the most from it, have the least to be proud of. Odd. Isn't it?

In any case, I am very grateful to Silver for the award, and for her continued reading of this blog. Ultimately, it is readers who make any writing worthwhile. So thank you, Silver.


Silver said...

I am glad you're keeping this going even for just one faithful reader.

Good night, Bev.

Came to check in on you- before turning this thing off.

Stay strong in the Lord!

Bevie said...

You bet. But with the move from the house there is a reasonable chance I will lose my internet access, in which case my blogs will all go silent.